martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Sweet Little Angel 4 U..!!

OMG ... forgot this adorable little

New Year Freebies..!! :)

I thought of offering these kits at the store,
but I see that sales are down,
so I decided to give to you my dear friends.
All elements are in PNG format,
Large Tagger Size :)
six products are CU / S 4 O / S 4 H and one is personal use.
I hope you like it and just ask you to vote for me,
the link is to the right of the blog.
Happy New Year to all ...!!!
Do not forget that all my products in the store
are 20% off until December 31.

Little Freebie 4 U..!

Beautiful Mask

Happy New Year..!

New Year Vol-5 Cu Freebie

New Year Word Art-Freebie Cu :)

New Year Mini Kit PU Free :)

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

New Award 4 Me..!! :)

In my absence I found this wonderful prize,
it is granted me by my beautiful friend ANGELA,
you can see her awesome blog HERE.
Thank you Angela,
is an honor for me this one receives prize
that filled with happiness my heart in these difficult times.
God Bless you :)

Xmas Blues CU freebie 4 U..!! :)

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

Kit "BLUE" CU Freebie 4 U..! :)

Hope you like this new Kit.
CU/S4O/S4H ok :)
Do not forget to vote for me Please
Thank you

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

Two new CU kits in Store & Freebie :)

Christmas Lace Ornaments in STORE
Happy Scrapping :)

Navidad 09 new kit PTU & Freebie CU :)

Contains 57 beautiful elements in Blue and Silver
and 13 papers JPG.
Available in my STORE :)
And your FREEBIE :)
This pack is CU..!! Yeah..!!
Do not forget to vote for my blog please, TY

domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

Two new CU kits in Store & QP freebie :)

CU Kit contains 3 Christmas wreaths 3500 x 3500 PNG format,
1 poinsettia 1061 x 1028 and 2 papers JPG format 2400 x 2400.
CU Kit 2, contains 2 Christmas wreaths
with roses PNG format 3500 x 3500
and Paper 2400 x 2400
You can purchase HERE
Your Freebie, QP
1200 x 1200 PNG format
Personal Use Only please :)

Glitters Garland :)

Enjoy :)


martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

New Kit PTU and Freebie :)

This kit contains 14 papers 1000 x 1000
and 60 elements PNG in white and golden color,
includes bows, christmas balls, Christmas flowers,
plants, adornments and much more.
Large tagger size. Personal Use only please.
2 Zips.
Hope you like .... and Merry Christmas ..!!:)

Sparkles 4 U..!! :)

10 Sparkles in 2 kits,
CU ok :)
Hope you like !!

domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

2 New products in Store & Freebie :)

I have 2 new Christmas products in Store,
You can grab them HERE

And your freebie :)
Hope you like

Christmas Ornaments 4 U..!

3 Beautiful Christmas ornaments,
PNG files and CU ok :)

lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009

Monday Freebies 4 U..!! :)

Five delicious cookies, I like cookies, you too?
Personal Use only please
Hope you like you new Freebies :)

Galletas Navideñas :)

Other delicious cookies to decorate your tags :)
Personal use only please

Snowflakes Overlays CU

Two snowflakes overlays, one is snowflakes in white
and the second in glitter. CU ok :)
Examples not included
Smile :)

domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Santa´s Stocking in Store & Freebie :)

My new product in Store HERE :)
Includes 70 different elements,
7 christmas balls decorated to hand for me,
2 christmas balls with ribbons,
13 ornaments with glitters,
4 transparent silks with glitters,
2 poinsettias,
2 borders,
2 windows 1 decorated and one cleans,
1 angel,
2 Christmas roses,
2 light post 1 decorated,
2 wreaths,
4 ceramics,
2 ribbons,
Transparent snowflakes,
6 snowflakes glass and 1 clean glass
4 buttons,
3 bows,
1 branch of pine,
2 tags,
1 candle,
12 papers( includes 3 glitters)
2400 x 2400 in JPG format
The previews not show all elements.
2 zips.
--- & ---
And here your Freebie :)
Personal Use only Please

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

I received an award for three friends:) WooHoo..!!

I received a wonderful award
of a talented designer, Kira.
Thank you very much beautiful girl,
ls an honor for me that includes me :)
Please visit her blog, she have wonderful things !
Also other wonderful friend gave me, HutchsBaby
Her blog is so great !
Thank you very much sweetie :)
And Touch Me from:
she´s a good and lovely friend :)
God Bless you hunni !
Now I must share 10 things to talk about me...
1. I am a loving mother,
2. I am a proud wife,
3. I am a PC addict,
4. I am addicted PSP
5. I love cats,
6. My favorite colors are blue and white,
7. I am loyal to my friends,
8. I listen carefully to people,
9. I do not like drama,
9. My favorite movies are science fiction and Christmas,
10. my favorite season is Winter & Christmas
I will pass this award to:

domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Xmas Cookies..Yummy :)

This one kit contains 7 different Christmas cookies,
the biggest is 2192 x 2445
and the smallest 1100 x 1190
PNG format
Personal Use only please :)
Enjoy...Yummy :)

Santa´s Bag 4 U..!!

Santa's Bag includes:
1 Gift Bag 1535 x 2048,
2 Gift boxes blue and green 1050 x 920,
2 snowman (boy and girl) separated 419 x 631 each one,
2 Snowman Star 1600 x 1900 each one.
It is my favorite :)
Hope you like too
CU/S4O/S4H ok

White Xmas CU Freebie :)

The kit contains:
1 overlay of snow,
1 overlay of snow and sparkles
2400 x 2400 PNG format,
Snownam 930 x 945,
candle 619 x 766
CU/S4O/S4H ok :)

CU Christmas Lights

8 small Christmas lights in different colors
205 x 599
Hope you like :)

Xmas Ornaments Free

8 Christmas elements.
transparent spheres in different styles and colors.
Look the close up :)
CU/S4O/S4H ok
1000 x 1100

Bridges CU :)

4 perfect bridges for your kits and commercial creations :)
Hope you like

Bridges for tags :)

Perfect bridges for your creations of tags.
Nº 1: 1280 x 856
Nº2: 900 x 1500
Personal Use only Please

martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

3 new freebies...!! :)

My dear friends,
I will be a bit busy with my mastery next week,
and I want to leave a few gifts them during these days.
The first kit contains 10 elements,
2 banners in plush and 1 overlay, 1 paper (plush also)
The second kit contains 4 different gifts of colors.
And the third kit contains 4 different cakes of rainbow.
All CU/S4O/S4H and PU of course
Hope they like them :)
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